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Somewhere Else - Hyram Posey & Gene Charlebois with Tim Henderson

Light and bluesey with solid Rock n’ Roll guitar, this original collaboration between Hyram Posey, Tim Henderson and Gene Charlebois will surely transport you to “Somewhere Else”.  From the White Road Symphony Collection.

White Road Symphony cover

White Road Symphony

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Gene Charlebois

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"White Road Symphony"

… featuring 2019 Josie Music Awards “Musician of the year” Hyram Posey, with Tim Henderson and Gene Charlebois. This is a special Treat for the month of October, this is, “Strange Moon”.

Real Customer Reviews

Charlebois Studio Customers

  • B Baker
    You nailed these mixes. remember these settings. i mean great!!! Let me know what you got going on!!
  • T. Henderson
    I appreciate your taking the extra time on these to get them not good, but awesome! The guitars bass everything lay beautiful.
  • Hyram's headshot
    H. Posey
    Thank You so much for all of your efforts on these recording projects!! I feel like we really have a great groove going & you are THE BEST EVER to work with. I've never felt as comfortable in a studio as I do in yours. I feel very much at home- thanks to you!! I await each new project like a little kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning.
  • Lorraine Stevenson
    The cd is absolutely wonderful..I wrote a quick note on facebook to Hyram thanking him. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my is wonderful and my Bobby is so proud and loves it!
  • Will G. Cox
    I like it it's kind of a pioneering endeavor itself. I had a little different vision but I believe you captured ``Hick Hop`` and I am really pleased with the creative element you brought to the project. I look forward to the next cut.

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